Parliament approved an amendment to the law on increasing labor pensions.

In Azerbaijan, a change is made to the legislation to increase labor pensions.

At the plenary meeting of the Milli Majlis, Azerbaijan discussed a draft amendment to the law on labor pensions.
The change in the law is associated with an increase in the minimum amount of labor pensions.

According to the draft law submitted to the Parliament by the legislative initiative of President Ilham Aliyev, 6-1 article (minimum amount of labor pensions) of the law is given in the new edition: “From October 1, 2019, the minimum amount of labor pensions is 200 manat.”

If the amount of the assigned labor pension is less than the minimum amount of labor pension, then it is paid with an increase to this amount.

After discussions, the amendment to the law was put to a vote and adopted on first reading.

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